Parent-Teacher Conference Worksheet

As promised on Facebook, here is a worksheet you can download, print out and take with you to your parent-teacher conference.

Remember to think through the following questions beforehand. Jot any down that you know you want to ask specifically in the “Questions to ask teacher” section. These are the same ones from the previous post, Parent-Teacher Conferences.

Ask questions. I like to know how my child is doing in 4 different areas: academics, social, emotional and behavior. Here are some questions to ask about each one:

  • Often, the teacher will have standardized test scores to share with you. Be sure to ask for clarification for what they mean. You should also be sure to understand what the teacher uses this data for. Does he use it to determine academic placement or intervention strategies? Is it only for the district and has no bearing on the classroom?
  • What is my child’s reading level? How can I find books within that level online, at the bookstore, at the library? How do you give credit/grade their outside reading?
  • How do you assess reading levels? Where can I find an explanation of those tests?
  • Do you find that the test results reflect what my child is displaying in class? Why or why not?
  • My child is particularly challenged by __________ class. Do you know of any online resources or tutoring tips that can help us help him?


  • Who does my child choose to spend her time with?
  • Do his social interactions line up with maturity and expectations for his grade/age?
  • Is there anything you have noticed that we should be talking to her about at home?
  • My child seems to be struggling to get along well with __________. Have you noticed anything between them? I realize it is usually both kids involved, so are there any suggestions you have for us as parents so that we can come up with reasonable solutions to the problem? (realize that the teacher cannot give much information about the other child and can only speak to you about your child.)


  • What kinds of emotions do you notice my child experiencing during school?
  • Does he deal with them in an age appropriate manner?
  • At home, my child struggles with expressing _____________ appropriately. Have you noticed this? We deal with it by ______ and it really seems to help.


  • How often does my child show frustration? How can you tell when he is frustrated?
  • Are the behaviors he exhibits during these moments acceptable? If not, what can we do to help him express frustration in an appropriate manner?

What kinds of strategies have you tried to help him overcome these behaviors? Have you tried _____? It worked well last year or at home.

Let me know how your conferences go!!

  • Bernie Hunt

    Kim, the link to the worksheet doesn’t seem to work any longer. I am sharing this with a co worker.