Recommendation Letter

The following is the first recommendation letter I have received.

“Dear Education Champion:

Education Champion has been extremely beneficial to our family. Mrs. Hillard has provided the following services: file review, homework boot camp, and tutoring. She has been a wealth of knowledge for us. She has helped our family better understand the needs of our almost 9 year child who was diagnosed with ADHD and slow processing due to prematurity. He has had an IEP since he was 4 years old and recently was evaluated by an outside psychologist that diagnosed him with slow processing. Mrs. Hillard provided sound recommendations that have helped our son with his academics and behavior.

Mrs. Hillard is very well organized. She is trustworthy, knowledgeable, flexible, and dedicated. She has gone above and beyond not only assisting my child with tutoring but assisting us as parents. I value the service she provides to our family. We have seen improvements in his reading and writing as a result of his weekly tutoring. As parents, we feel more confident in requesting services from the school for his IEP and more aware of how to handle our son’s impairment. She truly has embraced our family to help us navigate this public school system.

I would highly recommend utilizing the services of Education Champion. I am sure you will find the benefit of them just as our family has.”


I am proud of my work and humbled by the kind words above. I have enjoyed serving this family immensely and look forward to supporting them as they continue to navigate the educational system. They are a testament of Education Champion’s philosophy of teamwork, education, advocacy and empowerment. I count myself blessed to work with them.